Stéphanie Bringloe

Stephanie is our newest Artist in 2020. She is operating as Chroma Studios Watercolours, and as the name implies, She paints with watercolours!

She has always been creative and used visual arts in general as an outlet.  Recently, she attached herself to watercolour. Focusing on it, more seriously, a year and a half ago. “I found that watercolour, as a medium is a perfect antithesis to my structured and scheduled personality.   Watercolour forces one to relinquish control and trust one’s gut!”  She loves finding a balance between the geometric and the organic.  That space in between is where I live.

As a military spouse she has found that, luckily, her art can follow her wherever she goes.  She found all sorts of new inspiration here in the Valley of Nova Scotia.  She feels this has pushed her to expand her art into commission work, as well as sharing her passion in the format of paint-nights.

Find me on facebook @chromastudioswatercolours or email her