Chelsey Stailing

I was born to a talented Artistic and musical family from the Annapolis valley, the creative gene is very strong in me. Being surrounded by such beauty was definitely my muse as my early work was usually country sides and oceans. I see creativity as a way of life and expression. The arts have always been a way I was able to express how I felt, how I could go into my inner world without judgement and without fear.

I have been picking up instruments, art supplies and writing since I could hold a pencil. I was drawn to it. When I feel lost, I put on music and grab an instrument and play what I feel until I don’t feel lost anymore. You don’t need to be a musician or even good at it to just let the music soothe you, for you feel it rush through your soul.

When I feel confused and can’t understand my emotions, I put pen to paper and let the words flow into poetry – I use this and write poems for a magazine called Energi. My poems have been published 12 times globally so far. I want my poems and my moments of clarity to inspire others to find theirs.

When I need to express myself, I use art – I paint. I use mixed media, I draw, make décor – anything on hand I could create with, I use. With this I decided to create That Creative Girl – everything I make is available in prints, décor, and posters on my Facebook page, That Creative Girl and ThatCreativeGirl1 on Instagram

To show my love of being a valley girl, I use photography to show its true beauty and rich history – I photograph the landscapes, apple blossoms, antiques in the museums. The valley is such a beautiful place to live. My photograph of an apple blossom was published alongside an article on the rich history of apple blossom festival in the grapevine newspaper in June 2021. Being an artist and writer brings so much more to me than just being something to do, it’s my way of life and I simply wouldn’t be “Chelsey” without it.

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