Amber Juby

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A Coo for You

I am a Freelance Artist, operating as Amber Noella Art.  I was honoured in my last year of school when, Fanshawe College purchased an original piece of Art from my minimalist number story collection.  I investigated my personal history through an abstract form. Using number combinations to explain my family tree.

Since College, the majority of my work was has been commission based while I pursued a career in Insurance and Finance.  My life changed dramatically in 2010, when I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). In 2011, I had to leave my job in financial services after a very severe attack.  As a result of my illness and worsening health, my husband & I decided to move to Nova Scotia. Now that we are closer to family, friends & medical support, my health has improved.  I feel as though I have my arms & hands back! I can paint, draw & experiment again. I missed it so much when I was ill.

My new Goal as of 2018, was to share this experience with everyone!  I truly believe in the healing power of creation, Art & mindfulness. I want to create an opportunity for every person.  

If a piece of art or the experience of creating can bring a smile or a moment of happiness to someone, then it’s VALUE is beyond measure. It is very important to stay positive, persevere & believe!


picture of Amber Juby
Amber Juby; Image by Nicole Fritz-Saltzman

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