Amber Juby

I am a Freelance Artist, operating as Amber Noella Art. I was honoured in my last year of school when, Fanshawe College purchased an original piece of Art from my minimalist number story collection. I investigated my personal history through an abstract form using number combinations to explain my family tree.

Since College, the majority of my work was has been commission based. My life changed dramatically in 2010, when I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). In 2011 my husband and I decided to move to Nova Scotia to be closer to family and medical support.

The support I received has enabled me to regain the use of my hands. Now I could paint, draw and experiment once again.

Despite the support I received, my motor skills were affected and my drawing suffered because of this. Drawing was always my first love but when my hands would spasm I could no longer control my pencil. It was very frustrating.  So I decided to try a different art medium that did not require as much control.

I rediscovered the palette knife. It had been ages since I had used this tool. The abstract style and loose lines allowed me to express myself more freely. I could work with the spasms of my hands. I stopped trying to control the tool and instead let my hands create the art.

Over the last three years, some symptoms have improved including my motor skills. I have been able to create three small collections; The Scottish inspired Hairy Cow abstract paintings; ‘Rock, Fly, Fish’ miniatures using an acrylic wash technique; and a limited series for the Village of Greenwood for their street banners. I also worked with the Village of Kingston to create a mosaic style Steer Mural to celebrate the 60th Annual Steer BBQ.

I joined the N.O.V.A. Club in 2019 and have participated in numerous art shows in the Annapolis Valley since then.

Facebook: @ambernoellaart