Alice Woodbury

photograph of Alice painting
Alice Woodbury – Art Battle Painting

Greetings and welcome to my artist bio. I am fairly new to creating art having only started painting in the last couple of years.

When I first applied acrylics to canvas my eyes were opened up to a whole new world of creativity and imagination. I immensely enjoy creating whimsical sceneries, specifically tiny odd shaped houses in a variety of bright colours.

Some say my art is very Dr. Seuss-like, which I take as a great compliment as I am a huge admirer of the Great Suess’ work.

Artistry runs in my family as both of my sisters are very talented artists in their own respective styles.

To view my work in person, it is on display at Pascalice’s Bistro located at 974 Central Avenue in Greenwood. My husband, Pascal, and I own this hidden Gem right in the heart of Greenwood, and serve delicious Swiss and local dishes.

As well my work can be viewed on my Instagram account titled @littlebluenose