Board of Directors

President – Amber Juby is a Visual Artist with a background in finance, retail industry and corporate insurance.  She has a diploma in The Fine Arts from Fanshawe College. In the past few years, she has been teaching art lessons and facilitating art events for local fundraisers.  During this time, the community has expressed a need for a space, where they can gather together & create. Art is very important to the human experience and general well being and Art Therapy is becoming more mainstream everyday.

Vice-President – Stephanie De Genova is an entrepreneur, Photographer, and Youth Support Worker.  As an artistic mother of two very talented girls, she knows the value of introducing the Arts at an early age.  Exposure early on can improve educational outcomes by improving fine motor skills, accelerate brain development, improve self-esteem and relieve stress.  These benefits transfer to different ages as well. A place dedicated to art education and creative expression would allow the entire community to work together.

Corporate Secretary – Sarah Shortliffe is a military spouse, mother, has a Master’s Degree in Fine Art History, and has a background specifically in art restoration. She is a professional illustrator, the creative mind behind Pen and Inkling producing a large variety of whimsical illustrations. Sarah brings a wealth knowledge and creativity to 7arts. She teaches a variety of classes, makes some great art kits and organizes the class and event schedules.

Treasurer – Jane Beals grew up in the Annapolis Valley and has a diverse background in arts, education and finance. She fell in love with 7Arts after teaching paint pouring for their first open house in November 2019.  She is a multi-talented artist, who works in a plethora of mediums including but not limited to alcohol ink, acrylic, epoxy resin, oil, soap stone and mixed media.  Her second passion is numbers and making them balance, therefore she took on the bookkeeping/treasurer role in June of 2021.

Director – Cindy Wezenbeek is a retired military member and military spouse, with a very diverse background. Cindy has been running her own business as a Professional Project Manager and Organizer since 2016 and brought her business to Nova Scotia in 2019. Her collection of skills and knowledge have been an enormous help through the major renovations that had taken place inside the 7Arts building in 2019 and she continues to lend her support and expertise in improving the design and function of the 7Arts Art Centre.

Director – Penny Hughes has been with 7Arts from the beginning. Although Penny is not an artist herself, she enjoys creating art with others and believed in Amber’s vision, recognising the need to have a dedicated art space in the Greenwood area. Her favourite art form is music. Penny played the trumpet in high school, sang in several choirs over the years and most recently was learning to play the piano. She also loves dancing, and was a Zumba instructor for several years, combining music and dance! Penny also enjoys reading and through her studies to become a Library & Information Technician, developed a new found love of poetry.

Youth Board Member – Danielle Wezenbeek is an extremely talented artist. She moved to the Annapolis Valley with her family from Victoria BC in 2019, when her father was posted to 14 Wing. She has already begun to make quite a name for herself selling several paintings at Pascalice’s bistro, the International Women’s Day Youth Art Showcase last spring and in doing commissions in pet portraiture.

board members sketch
Caricature of Founding Members created by Miche:
Order left to right Steph, Tanya, Miche, Amber.  Lower row Melanie, Penny & Tom.