Christel wrote: “They have great plans that you can read about on their page (7Arts2). The intention is to provide access to art materials, space and classes for all ages, experience and abilities. They will also be covering all kinds of art! I know the people behind this initiative and their heart is in it 100%. It’s going to be a great addition to our community.

Marilyn wrote: “They had a great time (painting rocks)

Denny wrote: “Keep up the good work!

Workshop Participant wrote: “Love the friendliness, very helpful, energetic and lots of fun!

Sylvana wrote: “We love seeing her exploring her creative side and she looks forward to going to your classes and learning more every week. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and encouraging her.

Lori wrote: “I’m so happy she has found something that ‘speaks to her’, so thank you 😊”

Shelley wrote: “It is her happy space and she looks forward to it. Thanks for this fantastic program!”