Chelsey Stailing

Chelsey Stailing is an artist and model.  She works in a wide range of Art media. 

She creates pieces using toll paint on canvas, cell phone images that she edits, acrylic paint, crayons, pastels, charcoal, even makeup and colored pencils.

She models too.  “It’s great to help photographers build their portfolio and mine too.  Plus it gives me experience”.

She is originally from Round Hill and now lives in Coldbrook, NS.  She has been involved with the Arts since she could talk.  Her grandfather was a very talented Artist and her Aunts too.  “It’s a family gene of ours”.

Art is a passion of mine.  She sees Art everywhere.  “I am not a professional yet but I hope one day to have my own Studio and Gallery and to be featured all over the country and or other countries.”  She believes that Art is a way of expressing your inner worlds.  She puts color into a colorless world. 

You can email her @C.L.S Art on facebook