We Want to Hear From YOU!

7Arts wants to hear from you. As a non-profit, we want to make sure we are providing the programming that you want. One way to do that is to find out how we’ve done in the past.

We’ve done a lot community events and workshops since we started up last year. We’d appreciate it if you could help us by filling out our survey. This survey shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes to complete. 7Arts Feedback Survey Link

We thank-you in advance for providing us with your constructive and valuable feedback.

You may also choose to use our Contact Us page, for more detailed feedback.

Art Shows coming to a Close

Be sure to stop by Pascalice’s Bistro in Greenwood Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 7:30pm, next week for the final week of the Itty Bitty Bistro Art Show. Many pieces have been sold but there are still some fabulous ones available!

Our NOVA Artists and other local artists, have their work up at the Berwick and District Library until August 31st. All pieces are available for purchase. Visit the library website for hours.

Thursday with 7Arts

Thursday August 15th, you can find artistry at two places around town. There are still a few spots left for our first fundraising paint night, with instruction by our fabulous volunteer, Robin Bradshaw! You can register by visiting this page.

poster for daisy paint night

Also happening that same night, you can find Maddy at the Kingston Library from 6:30pm to 8pm for some Fan Art! This is the second of four nights that Maddy is sharing and guiding teens in some fun creations of their favourite characters. This is what they did last week. Such talented kids!

You can register for the three remaining dates of Fan Art through the Library calendar. Why not see what else is happening at our local libraries while you’re there!

Plein Air Art

Annapolis Royal has been an art destination for quite some time and on August 17th and 18th, 80 artists from around the Maritimes will descend upon the town for a Plein Air Art event.

What is Plein Air Art, you ask?  Plein Air Art is when artists take their tools and crafting materials out to an open area and gathers inspiration from their surroundings to produce their artwork.  Sometimes, like the Paint the Town Event in Annapolis Royal, they will do so en masse, much to the delight of those that are learning, appreciating or admiring the works being created right before their eyes.

NOVA Club Artist, Alice Woodbury (@littlebluenose) is one of the artists participating in this event.  Alice has been excited for this event since last year, when she attended the event, watching the artists create in such a picturesque town.

The town landscape lends nicely to Alice’s painting style.  She hopes to capture the lighthouse and the Inuksuks that have popped up around the waterfront in her whimsical landscapes.  The idea of painting in nature and meeting new people while doing it, is very appealing to Alice and she is looking forward to the challenge.  7Arts wishes Alice a fabulous weekend of creativity, in her first Paint the Town event in beautiful Annapolis Royal.

Artwork created during the event will be auctioned off at the local Legion.  For more information on this event, you may visit the ARTsPLACE website or facebook page for Paint The Town.

Unicorn Frenzy!

Rustic Mama Designs, AKA Krystal Cane, enjoyed a wonderful afternoon helping make two birthday girls’ dreams of a unicorn birthday party, a sparkling success! Krystal literally had sparkly paint all over her arms and face after this party!

Thank-you to Tracy, Kate and Brooklyn for inviting Krystal and 7Arts in to help make your dreams come true! Happy Birthday to Kate and Brooklyn. You and your friends are very talented!

7Arts wants to bring more art and happiness to our fellow community members. 7Arts offers different opportunities, at affordable prices, for us all to create and shop local. Our NOVA Club Artists have a wealth of knowledge that can provide you with that unique experience, whether it’s for a birthday party, team building, Christmas parties, bachelorettes or just plain fun with friends and family!

Community Blooms at the Itty Bitty Bistro

Our first ever Itty Bitty Bistro Art Show Reception was a flying, artistic success!  Meeting and mingling with the talented artists that provided their pieces for the show, made for a lovely night, even if it was one of the hottest nights yet this summer.

Not only did we have the artists, but many of our community members came out to see what those artists had created.  Four pieces were sold that night!  A huge testament to the quality of the work that our local artists produce, just for the love of their craft.  There are different styles, mediums and sizes.  There’s something for just about any style.  Be sure to get in there soon to choose your piece, your favourite may be gone before you know it!

We’re so grateful to say that we received a grant from the County of Kings that night.  We thank them, Councillor Martha Armstrong and Deputy Mayor Emily Lutz, for coming to our opening and providing NOVA Seven Arts Council with much needed funds to put towards our community space.

Remember this space is for you, the community, to gather and create together.  In essence, become the flower you were meant to be, blooming if you will.  This project would not be possible without the support of our community and government.  Thank-you to Ms Armstrong and Ms Lutz for believing in our project and seeing the need as much as we do.  They’re doing their part to help us create a space for all ages and abilities to come together in creativity and artistic expression.

A giant thanks goes out for the yummy treats provided by Chef Pascal! We’re hoping he puts the Pakora Bites on the menu or at least as a frequent special.  The people have spoken!  We want Pakora Bites!! (You have to help me on this one, LOL)

Thank-you to everyone who came out to support local artists and businesses like Pascalice’s. Among those who showed their support by dropping by, were the Chairperson of the Village of Greenwood and his wife, Mr and Mrs Banks; the Vice-Chairperson, Mr Sealby and Mr Glavine’s Executive Assistant, Ms Chamberlain.

Be sure to stop into the Bistro soon to check out the art work and taste the delicious food.  If you want to see more artsy stuff in our community, have ideas or want to join our volunteers or artists, use our contact form to send us a message.

Let’s grow our artistic community in Greenwood and Kingston.  As we get closer to finishing our renovations, we hope that you’ll join us at our fundraising and community events.

Happy creating and we’ll see you soon!

Community Art Project

Our great team of volunteers and artists had a wonderful time helping the community paint a mural, designed by Amber Noella Art, at the 60th Annual Steer BBQ and Village Fair on July 13th!

Image courtesy of Murray – Friday night at the Steer BBQ, Credit Valley Arena

We are so happy to have had the opportunity to ART with you all. The Village of Kingston loves it! Amber, volunteers, NOVA Artists and the Youth Art Group will be putting the finishing touches on it shortly. Be sure to stop by the new Village Office after they’re open to see what you created!

Thank-you to our NOVA Artists that stopped by to lend a hand – Krystal Cane and Alison Pyke . You’re all so talented, just like our amazing volunteers and our YAL group of young artists!

At 7Arts, we love to share the creativity and talent of our local artisans. Murray (I’m going to say he’s a friend of the community), took some lovely pictures to share with all of us. Thank-you Murray. I know the squirrel didn’t help with the mural, but he is too cute not to share!

Image courtesy of Murray

Art Show at Pascalice’s Bistro

Our first ever Art Show at Pascalice’s Bistro in Greenwood, NS starts next week! We have some lovely pieces to share.

The Itty Bitty Bistro Art Show opening reception is on Monday from 6pm to 9pm. We’ll have some wonderful news to share with you that evening, so be sure to stop by and hear about all the awesomeness!

Thank-you again to Pascal and Alice for making room for us to put on this show. Be sure to stop in during the month of August to enjoy a scrumptious meal and admire the work produced by NS artists (and a few of our NOVA Artists as well – Amber Juby, Alice Woodbury and Tammy Smith). Hopefully one may find it’s way into your hands and in your home!

itty bitty bistro art show

Art Raffle Winners

Thank-you to everyone who participated in our Art Raffle during the Steer BBQ. Monday July 15th, with the help of Muriel on video and Mike drawing the winners, we gave away some cool art work donated by our NOVA Artists.

Amber Noella Art donated “Kingsley” won by Kathy S. and “Harvest Sunset” won by Crystal M.

Alison Pyke donated a “Steer in Black Ink”, won by Jim V.

Alison Pyke Art
Alison Pyke Art – Steer in Black Ink

Sophia donated a pencil drawing of two cows, won by Angie C.

Sophia Cloutier Art
Sophia Cloutier Art – 2 Cows

And lastly, the Village of Kingston made a donation for Alice Woodbury‘s whimsical painting, “Village Celebration”.

steer bbq painting
Alice Woodbury Art – Village Celebration

We hope you all enjoy your pieces for years to come! Congratulations to our winners and Thank-you to the Village of Kingston for their help in running this Art Raffle and our other events for the 60th Annual Steer BBQ and Village Fair.