Board of Directors

President – Amber Juby is a Visual Artist with a background in finance, retail industry and corporate insurance.  She has a diploma in The Fine Arts from Fanshawe College. In the past few years, she has been teaching art lessons and facilitating art events for local fundraisers.  During this time, the community has expressed a need for a space, where they can gather together & create. Art is very important to the human experience and general well being and Art Therapy is becoming more mainstream everyday.

Vice-President – Stephanie De Genova is an entrepreneur and Photographer.  As an artistic mother of two very talented girls, she knows the value of introducing the Arts at an early age.  Exposure early on can improve educational outcomes by improving fine motor skills, accelerate brain development, improve self-esteem and relieve stress.  These benefits transfer to different ages as well. A place dedicated to art education and creative expression would allow the entire community to work together.

Treasurer – Penny Hughes is a military spouse and most recently as student.  She believes a new space allowing generations to work together is an invaluable opportunity to share knowledge.  Any person of any age or ability who allows them self to be exposed to the various artistic opportunities offered herein will find value.  We will focus on the therapeutic aspects of creation as well. This facility will enhance this community to make it a more productive and even more desirable place to live.

Corporate Secretary – Vanessa Raven-Vipond is a professional Graphic Designer and Drawing Teacher as well as a mother and military spouse. Having enjoyed working in a creative field for more than 20 years, she feels blessed to have had so many opportunities to do what she has always loved to do. She understands the importance of self expression and in having a voice through visual communications, music and other areas of art. She believes in the mental health benefits for teens, adults and seniors and the need to have a local creative outlet for all ages. Through exposure to art, the youth of a community can explore many new opportunities for both personal and career development.

Director – Tanya Cheeke is an Assistant Manager at a local store.  She has seventeen years of customer service and retail experience. As a mother of three, the benefits of this project for families with children of all ages are numerous.  Her family mostly participates in sports as there are so many activities already organized. Adding art activities will be a huge benefit to the family recreation time. Her daughter has recently started her own business creating small works of art.  She is one of many young people in the area who want a creative element to tap into. Having so many options in one easily accessible location, will enhance the lives of our busy families. “Being involved in this project is special for me, and the people in the community are looking forward to our opening.”

Director – Marc Britney graduated from Dalhousie University in 1987 with a Bachelor of Arts and earned his Certified Financial Planner designation in 1998.  He was a financial planner and branch manager with SISIP Financial Services from 2001 until his retirement in 2017. Marc was first elected to the Council of the Town of Middleton in 1993 and served almost 20 years, during which time he was active on various boards and committees for the town. Marc was appointed to the Municipal Finance Corporation (MFC) Board of Directors on the recommendation of the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities in 2010, serving 6 years on the MFC board and was chair of the MFC audit committee.  In 2019 Marc was appointed to the Resource Recovery Fund Board as board member and vice chair. Marc is excited about bringing his financial background to assist the Board of Directors in making sound financial decisions.

board members sketch
Caricature of Founding Members