NOVA Artist Feature – Amber Noella Art

Amber Juby, or Amber Noella Art, has been hard at work in our community.  Not only is she the founder of NOVA Seven Arts Council, she is working with many groups in the community to bring Art to as many people as possible.

In the spring, Amber started Youth Art Lessons (YAL).  At that time they focused on drawing (held at the Community Room, Sobeys, Greenwood) and were able to display their work in an Art Show at the Berwick and District Library in July.  Drawing lessons gave students an opportunity to try using pencil, graphite, pastels, chalk and ink to create projects.  Each class featured a lesson on how to draw, create an illusion and the pros and cons of that medium.  Amber is now offering art lessons in painting, where they will use the same process with paint tools and techniques.

Being a complete Harry Potter fanatic, Amber took on an opportunity to aid in creating props for the Berwick & District Library’s Harry Potter Event on October 5th.  Our teen volunteer Caitlyn, is working directly with the library to host a Harry Potter Work Party every Friday after school.  Amber Noella Art, hosted a portrait painting workshop last Friday.  Attendees tried out some new techniques using acrylic paints and large canvasses.  The goal was to mix the paint and apply it to create an aged portrait that you would find in Hogwarts School.  The participants did awesome!  The portrait painting was very successful & Amber plans to add a HP inspired project to her YAL painting series.

craft time
Caitlyn – Harry Potter Work Party

In the spring, Amber invited guest artists to join her for YAL, to showcase their personal style.  This laid back group of kids was very excited to meet different artists & flip through their portfolios.  They had a chance to ask questions and try new tools.  Alison of Stone and Stories, showcased her abstract ink drawing.  She told them about her upcoming entry in a Halifax Art and then taught the kids how to use the ink pens and how to create her style. This was such a great experience for her that she decided to join me and assist in many other lessons.

Later in the series, Tammy from LotusKittyKreations joined YAL to run a lesson. The kids were beyond excited when she showed them how to create a character and begin a comic strip.  The hour flew by and the kids were disappointed it was already over.

The Youth Art Lessons is an idea Amber came up with after hosting many adult paint nights.  Many parents commented on how the schools are losing resources to teach art.  My concept is to bring local artists in to these lessons to show the kids their style.  This will provide a huge wealth of different experiences and a fantastic creative outlet.  A few of the kids return every month to try the next lesson.  Now that our NOVA Club is growing we have more artists offering to volunteer and run lessons.  The fee for each lesson is $20/hour and the proceeds go towards our 7Arts building; which is still being renovated.  At this time we are partnering with Sobey’s Greenwood.  They have generously offered their community room at no charge.

Amber can already see the benefit of bringing creative kids together.  They have increased their community involvement and pride by helping create a mural for the Kingston STEER BBQ and they were very proud of the pieces they put up at the Berwick & District Library in July when they hosted our YAL Art Exhibit.  Barbara Lipp and the Berwick Library staff generously hosted a very successful Opening Event with snacks and drinks for attendees.  The kids were mingling and talking about their art with people hanging out in the library.

mural in progress

Overall, these events have all been inspiring experiences and the interest and support from our local communities has been wonderful.  Thank-you to all who have supported us so far.  We couldn’t have done it without you!