Welcome to 7Arts!

The Arts are strongly connected to cultural identity and a community’s history and social well-being. We are providing a creative space that will teach, support and promote the Arts and Art Education, right here in our part of the beautiful Annapolis Valley!

Local artists are invited to join our NOVA (New Opportunities for Valley Artists) Club. Artists will benefit from discounted art supplies, artist studio space, gallery space, exhibit space and opportunities to teach in small or large groups. There’s something for everyone!

Our Board of Directors, NOVA Artists and Volunteers, have been hard at work this past year, building support and partnerships in the community. You’ve seen us at the Steer BBQ and the Greenwood Mall, engaging our community to be creative. We’ve held family, adult and mental health painting parties at the Valley Wing. We’ve seen you at our art shows at the Valley Wing and Pascalice’s Bistro. Our volunteer artists have been teaching our local youth to paint and draw at the Sobeys Community room.

We want to do more and our space is almost ready, thanks to the kind support of local businesses, government agencies and YOU, our community!

Our Society is enhancing and invigorating the local community. We encourage people of all ages and abilities to discover their creative potential through artistic expression. Our programming will focus on and be inspired by local events, traditions & culture.

We’ll see you soon!

Makers Space

A Makers Space is a collaborative workspace in a facility for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools. Our space will be a gathering place for the community to come together to learn, teach, promote, mentor and support creative expression and art education.

makers space drawing
Makers Space

At 7Arts, you will have the use of art supplies from pencils, chalk, charcoal, coloured pencils, paint, scissors, yarn, knitting and crochet needles, glue, paper and the list goes on!

We will have craft kits with instructions available or make/create your own masterpiece. 7Arts will be an artistic forum for both artists & the general public. Volunteers will be on site to offer assistance and local artists will be your inspiration.

Idea, Innovation

Enjoy making and creating with our self-guided kits and supplies in an accessible and engaging space with family and friends. What will you create in our Makers Space?


As a Non-Profit organisation, 7Arts requires the help and dedication of volunteers, just like you. We welcome anyone 12 years and up, with a keen interest in growing our arts community. Volunteer your time and talents in a rewarding and supportive environment.

We value each and every contribution you can make. We will endeavour to ensure that all volunteers are provided with the training they require to succeed and grow.

Our organisation is providing a space where the community can learn and grow together. A multigenerational environment, where we can build social capital to improve the lives of everyone in our community. We are working toward making an inclusive and accessible ART HUB that will bring together local artists and community members, in a cooperative and engaging environment.

Volunteer Opportunities

Advertising Volunteers:  help with preparing and distributing posters/flyers for upcoming events, notifying news agencies of 7Arts activities.

Board Members:  assist in the governance of our organisation, attend meetings, conduct research, compile documents, assist in committee work.

Event Volunteers:  assist with set-up, facilitation and tear down of events.

Fundraising Volunteers:  assist in planning and running fundraising initiatives throughout the year.

Programming Volunteers:  develop new programs for participants to target special needs and interests.

Youth Volunteers:  engage other youth in the Arts, assist with events, fundraising, special projects and you are between the ages of 15 and 21.

To find out more about how we can help you with your volunteering goals, visit our Volunteer Enquiry page, fill out the information requested and we’ll get back to you within 2 business days. We thank-you for your interest in supporting community initiatives.

artists and volunteers
Volunteers and Artists

NOVA Artists

New Opportunities for Valley Artists – NOVA Club

If you’re an artist living in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia or more specifically near Kingston and Greenwood, we invite you to join us.  We are creating a cooperative environment not a competitive one.  We want Artists to succeed & we want our community to benefit emotionally, physically & mentally through creative work.

Through our facility you will have access to a creative space, discounted art supplies, mentorship, information on grants and bursaries, reasonably priced gallery space, be part of our artist database, have a page on our website, networking opportunities and space to run workshops and lessons.  You can run your own event or work with us to plan something specific.

A major priority of the NOVA Club is to introduce our local artists to our community and beyond!  Please provide us with at least 1 piece of art that we will display in our family friendly gallery.  This gallery will be part of our main space and be seen by everyone who uses the Makers Space and attends workshops at our facility.

NOVA club passes are $150 annually.  This will give you full access to our facility and so many possibilities for your future as an artist in the Annapolis Valley.  Keep in mind, only the Artists that join the NOVA Club will have the opportunities we provide.

About Us

7Arts (NOVA Seven Arts Council) is a registered non-profit society in Nova Scotia.  We are governed by a dedicated and passionate Board of Directors.

Our Mission is to engage our local community by providing an inclusive, creative environment that will TEACH, SUPPORT and PROMOTE the Arts and Art Education in a family-friendly, accessible building.

Programs will explore our history, culture and local traditions through art activities facilitated by volunteers and local artists.

We invite our community of all ages, exceptionalities, military members and their families, veterans, seniors, youth, schools and assisted living facilities to participate in this environment where people of all talents and skills can explore their creative side.

date of registration
7Arts Established